City Mayor of San Pedro

San Pedro City Hall, J. Luna Street

San Pedro, Laguna


Dear Mayor Cataquiz,


In response to your letter dated February 17, 2017, we regret to inform you that we have encountered delays in our projects “MFO 1 – National Road Network Service Widening of Permanent Bridges (to more than 2 lanes) of San Pedro Br. (BO3121LZ) along Manila South Road” due to unforeseen and unresolved issues particularly on the Presence of FPIC Gas Pipeline and Pending Request for Cutting Permit. But in spite all of these, we are continually doing our best effort to address all issues concerning our project by giving site instructions and follow-up letters. An endorsement letter to the Regional Director of DENR regarding tree Cuttting Permit was already submitted last January 6, 2017 but still no action was undertaken.


In response to the issues arising in our project, a catch-up program per Item of work were made to fully monitored the project in terms of activities to be done and accomplish. The contractor was also instructed to fast tract the construction of Bored Pile for us to place/install the remaining Cage Bars on the side of the road. Concrete Pouring for the construction of Bored Pile in Pier 2 is to be scheduled on March 14-17, 2017.


As a safety precaution for the riding public, additional safety barriers and caution tapes will be placed to the exposed Cage Bar on the road and signages are also to be placed on both side of the bridge for the awareness of the riding public to the on-going construction of the bridge. As part also of our commitment, we will continue to update the public of the on-going activities on the bridge thru proper posting and coordination to all concerned.


Last March 3, 2017, a joint inspection between the Contractor and DPWH Personnel was also conducted along the Old National Highway (Manila South Rod) to verify the compliance of contractor to our Site Instruction to install barricades and safety precaution on open manholes and newly paved shoulder. It was observed that barricades were already installed for the safety of the public and the contractor committed not only to ensure safety but to finish the remaining works along San Pedro.


Thank you for your kind consideration and best regards.


Truly yours,



Regional Director



****Transcribed based on the original document