MASA MASID (Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anomalya, Mamamayang Ayaw sa Droga) held at the Cultural Center, Santa Cruz, Laguna last February 22, 2017.


The city of San Pedro, represented by executive assistant (Office of the Mayor), Lirio P. Rivera, City Local Gov’t Operation Officer Jennifer Quirante, City Health Office representative, Romnick Aguilar and Charlene Toscano of CSWD attended the provincial launching of MASA MASID. Also present are the different barangay chairmen of San Pedro.

MASA MASID was launched last year of September. This is a community-based program for the prevention of corruption, illegal drugs and criminality in a barangay community.

According to DILG, the program has four main thrusts: information and education campaign in communities for government programs against corruption, illegal drugs and criminality; creation of a reporting mechanism on illegal drugs-related activities; formulation of community-based rehabilitation programs; and revive the spirit of volunteerism by creating a volunteer-friendly atmosphere for organizations that wishes to be partners for change.

The provincial-wide event was attended by various cities and municipalities of Laguna.


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