The annual DepEd Parade marched through some portions of San Pedro national highway where over 1,120 students from 28 public schools (20 elementary schools, 7 junior highschools, 1 senior highschool) in the city, line the streets for the Sampaguita Festival 2017 tradition.

The route goes through a major San Pedro roadway – starting from SPCBA to Mabini St. which ended in the city plaza.

The 20 public elementary schools in San Pedro that joined the colorful event were:

Adelina 1 Complex Elementary School (ACES Bulletin)
Bagong Silang Elementary School
Chrysanthemum Village Elementary School (Chryzette)
Cuyab Elementary School (The Bell)
Estrella Elementary School (Sinag)
Laguna Resettlement Community School (Urban Settlers)
Landayan Elementary School
Langgam Elementary School (The Ants)
Magsaysay Elementary School
Pacita 1 Complex Elementary School (Pacita Express)
Pacita 2 Complex Elementary School (The Risers)
Rosario Complex Elementary School (Rosarians)
Sampaguita Village Elementary School (Sparkle)
San Antonio Elementary School (Gateway)
San Isidro Village elementary School
San Pedro Central Elementary School
San Roque Elementary School
San Vicente Elementary School
Santo Nino Elementary School (Glimpse)
Southville 3A Elementary School

The parade, held Feb. 20, was organized by the City of San Pedro in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd).

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