Last June 15 2016, DPWH Region IV-A, Regional Office together with V.R. Patron Builders & Developers Corporation (contractor) begins its full implementation on the widening of San Pedro Bridge to more than two lanes located between the Barangay of San Antonio and San Vicente. The purpose of this project is to improve the public transportation system which will relieve the area from significant amount of traffic.

This work is being coordinated with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of San Pedro and other concerned agency especially on the traffic management committee due to changes in traffic scheme. We were given the permission for a road closure up to the month of September. The following changes during the construction are stated below:


  1. Road Closure and New Traffic Pattern –During construction, the traffic will be restricted to alternating one-way, or detoured to alternate routes as approved by the LGU for limited periods of time. These temporary detours are necessary to allow crews and equipment enough work space to safely construct, build/fabricate and relocate utilities within the site. Therefore, In order to fast tract project implementation, San Pedro Bridge was closed to traffic early on June 14, 2016 and a new traffic scheme was introduced.
  2. Construction work schedule – Construction work will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. from Monday to Saturday but it might extend up to 12 midnight during the critical construction activities.

Since then, the Contractor has accomplished the following activities:

  1. Clearing and Grubbing (Removal of Small Trees) from both side of the bridge approach along Brgy San Antonio.
  2. Removal of existing Structures and obstruction (Existing Slope Protection) on the right side of the bridge approach along Brgy. San Antonio
  3. Excavation & Construction of stone masonry on the right side of the bridge approach along Brgy San Antonio and excavation on the left side
  4. Fabrication of Cage Bar with a Total Length of 156m that will cover four (4) bored piles and about to complete the total requirement in two (2) weeks time.
  5. Excavation for Bored Pile on Abutment B (Left Side) with a total depth of 32 meters


Problems encounter during the construction/widening of San Pedro Bridge:

  1. Presence of Informal Settlers – With the full participation and help of the LGU of San Pedro, the presence of informal settlers under the bridge were addressed.
  1. Existing Trees along the Bridge Approach – Projects implemented by the DPWH has no fund for affected RROW, therefore coordination between the DPWH, Contractor & LGU is needed in resolving this issue. A letter of request for cutting permit was already submitted to the DENR IV-A of Los Banos, Laguna for their approval.
  1. PPP funded project of PNR for CY 2017 – As our construction for bridge widening continue over the past few week, the PNR holds the excavation works for Bored Pile due to unforeseen event on which a proposed project for additional track of railway is to be constructed. In response to this issue, coordination meetings and site inspection were conducted resulting to a change of plans particularly the pile location by maintaining the 4m clearance for the PNR maintenance and request for permit to enter within their area.

As of to date, we can’t open the road to vehicles due to the presence of our heavy equipment on the bridge and it will be unsafe for them to travel while the construction is on-going. It is our commitment to open the road on the given deadline no matter what the delay we encounter on site and to make any necessary adjustment caused by the delays. We apologize for any inconvenience we cause, and appreciate your patience as these changes are made. As construction progresses over the next several months, notification and updates will be provided to local residents and businesses.


PERCIVAL B. ROTAS                               MELQUIADES H. STO. DOMINGO

Resident Engineer                                            Project Engineer