Dr. Elmer G. de Jose began his term as new Campus Director last July 13, 2016. After a courtesy call with City Mayor Lourdes S. Cataquiz, the group of Dr. de Jose in 25 July 2016, went to the Public Affairs and Information Office for a getting-to-know short stop. His group consisted of Professor Elizabeth L. Pambuena – Faculty of Business Administration and Vice-President of the Faculty Club, Professor Joanne F. Antonio-Registrar/Head of Student Services and other faculty members: Professors Lito Peñaflor and Geronima “Mimie” Lapuz.

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Dr. de Jose, psychologist and psychometrician, was Director for Research at the PUP Manila Main Campus. He has been with the University for 20 years of continuous service, having been Director of Intellectual Property Rights and Assistant to the President for Research. He takes pride in the fact that he was able to establish policies in the University in the field of Policy in Research Ethics (Anti-Plagiarism) and Research and Development Incentives. He says he is at his post right now as a response to a mandate and call to fulfill one of the university functions which is Extension and that includes serving the Local Government Sector. He was handpicked by the University President Emmanuel de Guzman and his appointment was approved by the Board of Regents. Part of fulfilling the plans for PUP San Pedro Campus is the future offering of the Master of Science in Public Administration for either the coming semester or school year.

Part of the revelation of Dr. de Jose is the fact that the reason PUP San Pedro can afford to offer a 12 pesos per unit cost per subject in the Undergraduate Program is the subsidy which the City Government gives to this educational institution for its operational expenses, a concern which City Mayor Lourdes S. Cataquiz takes upon herself as a commitment to education.

Among the highlights of the achievements of PUP graduates is the high passing rate especially in the Certified Public Accountancy Examinations which is 75% for first takers and 50% for second takers, an average that has been maintained for several years. Its passing rate for the Licensure Examination for Teachers at 54.9% is even higher than the national rate. The PUP San Pedro is the third performing campus in the PUP System nationwide. -(mgb/PAIO)

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